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Restaurant operations
Pizza is hot any way you slice it
Pizza’s flexible format allows for much culinary experimentation at restaurants. In recent years, we’ve witnessed pizza crossing dayparts and mealparts—with...
Empowering the Deaf community: Anjan Manikumar, Founder and President, SIGNS Restaurant
Anjan Manikumar’s idea for his one-of-a-kind concept featuring an all-Deaf service staff...
When it comes to assessing your promos, slow and thoughtful wins the race
Most restaurants have a pretty good idea what their best-selling menu items are — often what the restaurant is known...
Innovation is a key ingredient for successful foodservice operations
With a mixed economic outlook for different parts of the country in 2015, foodservice operators will be under even more...
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Canadians lend their support to families across the country on the 22nd McHappy Day
Tim Hortons reports on 2014 sustainability and responsibility results
Coffee Culture Cafe & Eatery launches delicious menu items made with Nutella

Executive Chef Wolfgang Sterr brings unique flavours to Whistler Blackcomb’s dining portfolio using ready-made salad dressings.
Tip of the Week


Don't make your menu look like a price list
If your menu lists all your items on one side of the page with a line of dots connecting each item to its price, you are inviting your customers to order their food based on how much everything costs. Instead, embed the price into the description...More



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