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How To Tuesday
By Jeni Armstrong, Order Up blog
June 19, 2012




I’m always a bit loathe to write blog posts with a how-to focus, since it’s safe to assume that anyone who reads this knows, oh, about eleventy-billion more things than I do about how to do everything in a commercial kitchen.

But hey, we shall all be open to learning, and you never know … maybe you don’t know how to make those boozy bears that would be just the thing for that corporate picnic you’re catering.  Kidding, of course.  Boozy bears are strictly for in-office consumption.

A few more how-to ideas to get you through this steamy day:

  • From How to make zucchini noodles
    (I’m not sure that the same effect couldn’t be just as easily achieved with a little knife work, but if you’ve been looking to beef up your arsenal of weird kitchen utensils, this might be the recipe for you.)
  • From Serious Eats: How to pan-fry salmon filets
    More than just a how-to-cook guide, this article takes you down the fish counter, identifying different popular species and a visual guide to pan frying gone wrong.  And if that’s not enough to lure you in, how about this:

Perfectly rendered, brown, crisp, thin, salty, crackling skin with no more greasy, gelatinous fat underneath. A thin layer of ever-so-slightly flaky meat underneath that, followed by a wide expanse of tender, juicy, not-the-least-bit-chalky flesh, and a central core with a creamy, buttery texture bordering on sashimi-esque.  This is how salmon should truly taste.

  • From the National Post: How to rock your guac
    I am as sorry for that bad rhyme as I am for the fact that this recipe contains blue cheese — I am staunchly in the “less is more” guac camp (avocado, tomato, lime juice, onion y nada mas), as well as the “blue cheese is icky” camp.  But if neither of these describe you, I say give it a try.

And finally, a special offer for loyal Order Up readers: Are there any “how to” skills that you’d like to learn? Comment below and I’ll do my dig-doggedy-darndest to see if I can’t put the power of the internet to good use to answer your question.

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